Department / Pediatrics

 Course Objective

Study is divided into lectures and clinical fellowship and clerkship. The focus is on baby, child and adolescent periods.

Teaching is accompanied with slide shows, projections and video clips. This provides our students different perspectives and trains them to look at body as a whole in the eyes of a future pediatric.

Study is designed to combine both lectures and clinical fellowship, clerkship in coordination with evidence based clinical teachings which train our medical students in individual thinking ability.

Professors are invited from famous national universities or medical centers.

National and international doctors are invited to give seminars to provide students and professors more up-to-date information.

Direction of Development

Professors not only provide in class lectures and clinical trainings, but also are involved in other faculty research centers as well as clinical service in our own hospitals.

1.Many professors act as medical students’ specific advisors who provide care in daily lives.

2.Interacting with internship and clerkship students, professors are able to provide immediate care in physical and emotional levels.

3.Trains and teaches medical students and involved in school internal affairs and community health services.

4.Professors actively promoting health system and health education to the community and associations. As well as to medias which broadcast helpful information to the public.

5.Many professors are famous national and international medical journal authors and often give other seminars.

Course Highlights

1.Monthly meetings involving course development, instrumental purchases and discussions are directed to provide a better study environment for the students.

2.Internal affairs and information storage are all computer processed to provide convenience and efficiency.

3. Professors are skilled and have excellent background in research and published papers.

4.Famous national university and hospital pediatrics are graduates from our school.

5.Develop a well informative system.

6.From the schools’ support, ph-Ds are introduced to aid in teaching, increasing our education level to that of international trainings.

7.We try to increase research and laboratory facilities. We incorporate bio-tech and genetic studies in further research.

8.We provide staff further study opportunities to strengthen teaching and researching ability.

9.We increase better facilities to service the staff and students.

10.Proposing child disease research studies and to discover cures or preventions to achieve objective.

11.Increase graduates/alumni to maintain close relation with the school and to invite them back to school to give lectures and seminars.

12.Using evidence based medicine in teaching to provide students different perspectives.

Research Laboratory

Research Laboratory

Research Focus

1.Research center is located in research building to accommodate and better facilitate students’ needs.

2.Course includes broad research range including clinical disease diagnosis, disease mechanisms, pharmacology, physiology, cellular biology, microbiology and immunology fields.

3.Professors have papers published annually.

4.National and international famous professors guide in student researches.

5.Instrumental purchases made.

6.Internet system provides network with international community.

7.Professors are active in participating national and international seminars.

Professional Distribution

Professional Distribution
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