I. Advancement of Teaching Quality

1. Writing of teaching plans 
Traditional medical course arrangement is commonly on a top-to-bottom basis; that is, starting up from preliminary courses, fundamental, social and clinical medical courses to clinical practices. This kind of gradual curricular arrangement may cause course overlapping problem because of separate teaching for each department, as a result, there is lacking of departmental links. Presently, there is trend to the revolution of our medical education due to rapid growth of medical knowledge and advanced technology as well as exploded information in this century. Hence, it is important to integrate our medical course offerings. To make it possible, foremost, we need to write a set of comprehensive teaching plan for each department in short time. 

2. Assessment of electing courses 
To match the school’s teaching valuation (based on required courses), we will first measure our students’ study achievement according to their electing courses and also assess our teachers’ teaching attitude for the reference of our curriculum commission. 

3. Teaching seminars for each department 
Different phrases for discussions related to teaching. If necessary, we will invite other schools to join us for opinion exchanges and outline our appropriate teaching courses and methodologies. 
4. Promotion of writing teaching materials for each department

We hope to see collaboration of each medical school to complete together the teaching materials suitable for the present core teaching to avoid the drawback of low student attendance rate because of the so called ‘sharing notes’ in the past.

5. Augmentation of the teaching equipments and facilities of fundamental and clinical medicines.
6. Reduction of lab courses to smaller-class teaching to match our new medical building.
7. Application of school Internet system and e-learning to raise teaching quality.
8. Strengthening of TMUH’s faculty performance and reinforcing clinical teaching quality.

II. Advancement of Research level

1. Form research groups by incorporating our faculty’s research specialties in order to apply for integrated research plans.
2. Promote the cooperation of clinical and fundamental medicines to apply for research projects from separate public/civilian organizations. In addition to National Science Council, fund sources can be also increased from research plans of Dept. of Public Health of Executive Yuan, Chinese Medicine Committee or National Health Research Institute.
III. Strengthening in service

1. Build up the database for our school to match departmental information.
2. Shorten the administration process to increase work efficiency.
3. E-mail meeting notices and important messages.
4. Increase the function of mentors and make a review and improvement at the end of semester.
5. Complete the database of our alumni for best service.
6. An appeal center for the service of our students and faculty.
IV. Reorganization of different medical schools for the establishment of our Medical University



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